Fighting for Farmers' Rights

From the office to the field, the agricultural law attorneys at Maatuka Al-Heeti Emkes have both – the personal experience and background in farming. With a personal interest in contributing to the success of the agricultural industry, our highly experienced attorneys will fight for you.

Agriculture-Related Law Issues

Find out which direction you should take, what the value of your farm property is, or learn more about the technological advances related to agriculture when you consult with Maatuka Al-Heeti Emkes.

  • Cooperatives
  • Individual and corporate farming operations
  • Agriculture real estate transactions
  • 1031 exchanges
  • Easements
  • Insurance
  • FSA – leases, farm bills, and conservation programs
  • Leases
  • Crop damage
  • Property line disputes
  • Renewable energy products
  • Ethanol
  • Biodiesel
  • Wind farms
  • Drainage districts
  • Oil and gas leases
  • Equipment dealerships
  • Ag-input suppliers
  • Land trusts